The best in the market today & widely used for Hollywood/Carbon peels, tattoo removal and soft light bleaching. The Long Mode involves the application of carbon cream with laser energy to gently remove the dead skin of the epidermis and stimulate the formation of new epidermal cells and collagen also treating melisma, pigmentation, large pores. Soft Peel is a gentle procedure to peel the upper epidermis layer causing no downtime. QS-Ultralight Toning is a treatment option with no pain, no bleeding and no risk of infection. Easy to perform to remove the pigmented lesions, tattoos, dermal melasma and is useful for fine hair bleaching

  • 2016

    Expect Dramatic Results with Hollywood Peel

    Hollywood Peel is the application of specialised laser energy to reduce visible skin pigmentation, improve skin tone and more. Hollywood Peel not only improves uneven pigment, but can also reduce the appearance of textural irregularities and fine lines. The laser energy works in two ways, first it gently targets the melanin (pigmentation) in the cells breaking it up for your body’s natural removal processes, and second it heats deep in the dermis causing the skin to contract and stimulate collagen. Because the treatment is gentle, multiple passes are needed in order to obtain optimal results.
  • 2016

    How Soft Feel Works ?

    Al Qaser MC offers Q-switched ND:YAG laser Soft Peel, which the newest and most effective modality in shrinking enlarged pores using carbon lotion as photo-enhancer. First, water-based carbon lotion is applied to the skin. Then any excess carbon is wiped off. Remaining carbon on the skin absorbs laser energy emitted by Q-switched ND:YAG Laser and rapidly heats up surrounding area. Because enlarged pores tends to retain large amount the carbon lotion, these pores receive the most thermal energy, which reduces pore size by stimulating collagen production and reducing oiliness of the skin. This treatment is effective, safe, and comfortable.