Laser Hair Removal

Candela Gentle YAG Laser – This is the most advanced machine imported from the US for hair removal with the revolutionary cooling technology. It can be used for a wide variety of treatments including Laser hair Removal for all skin types for all body areas and beard shaping.

In the world of laser hair removal, one treatment approach really stands out for all the right reasons and it’s the Candela GentleYAG. Look beyond the slightly unusual name and read just some of the many patient reviews online and you’ll see why the Candela GentleYAG is such a great way to go for laser hair removal.

  • 2016

    How Does It Work?

    The Candela GentleYAG laser creates a beam of high-intensity light that penetrates deep into the skin tissue where it delivers a controlled amount of targeted therapeutic heat. Candela’s patented Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD) technology protects the upper layers of your skin with a burst of cooling spray. Together, the long pulse laser and DCD cooling offer optimal treatment with minimal side effects.
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    Are Results Permanent?

    Laser hair removal is the premier treatment option today and provides long term hair reduction. You can expect to see at least 90% reduction in hair after 6 treatments. The remaining hair grows back much finer and lighter than before treatment. Results will be long term, lasting from 20 years to indefinitely.
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    Benefits of Laser Hair Removal using the Candela GentleYAG?

    If you are interested in laser hair removal, chances are you’ll really appreciate the benefits provided to you by the Candela GentleYAG:
    * Fast laser hair removal: The Candela GentleYAG can remove areas of hair of approximately 18mm in size at a time, so it’s not a case of treating each follicle of hair one at a time.
    * Comfortable laser hair removal: The patented Cryogen cooling system means optimal comfort for you as a patient, making the experience of laser hair removal more comfortable.
    * Versatile laser hair removal: All skin types can be treated.
    * Powerful laser hair removal: The Candela GentleYAG is capable of providing 26,333 watts of power at its peak and can remove hair as short as 3ms. It can also remove fine hairs.
    * The Candela GentleYAG provides laser hair removal patients with a comfortable laser hair removal treatment that is powerful and comfortable – and it is unprecedented in its achievement of this.

The treatment uses brief pulses of light energy to damage hair follicles, preventing regrowth. This gives the most effective, longest lasting hair removal results available.

Absolutely. The laser targets only the hair follicle, leaving the surrounding skin unharmed. You may experience some redness, but this should subside within 24 hours.

The laser emits light energy, which is absorbed by melanin in the hair. If in the right stage of growth, this causes the hair follicle to overheat and damages the bulb, preventing regrowth. The process is called photothermolysis.

Laser Hair Removal is described as feeling like the flick of an elastic band. The more sessions you have, the less pain you feel as there are fewer hair follicles targeted.

Treatment is safe on all skin types and colours, so it’s suitable for anyone looking for permanent, silky-smooth results.  As the laser is attracted to the pigment of the hair follicle, the only consideration is whether your unwanted hair has enough pigment to be treated. Your practitioner will discuss this in your free consultation.

Anywhere there is hair with enough pigment to attract the laser light. Laser Hair Removal is safe and effective, even on sensitive areas.

The treatment is FDA approved to give permanent hair reduction of up to 90%. The darker your unwanted hair, the better it draws the energy of the laser beam to it, giving greater hair reduction. Your therapist will discuss your hair type and the results you can expect to see in your consultation.

The results are permanent in most cases.

Got a tan? Had a skin reaction to something? No problem, it’s just really important that you let us know, as this can make a difference when it comes to providing the best treatment.

Our treatments are very gentle and virtually pain-free. Some of our patients compare the sensation to the flick of an elastic band.

As you have more sessions, we target fewer and fewer follicles – so you’ll feel the laser less each time.

Compared to the cost of a lifetime’s shaving or waxing, laser hair removal sessions are great value for money. It’s also important to remember that cheaper Laser Hair Removal doesn’t always mean better or safe.

Laser hair treatment is fine for any skin type or colour, as long as your hairs are dark enough to attract the laser.

The highly trained practitioners at sk:n will always provide effective laser hair removal treatment tailored to your skin type.

Laser hair removal at sk:n is never unsafe. Our Medical Standards Team set out strict protocols and audit our clinics every month to make sure we follow every procedure correctly.